Porila Kids' Run at Pajusi Mud Run - Fun For Kids
Pajusi Mudajooks - põnev seiklus looduses!
Pajusi Mudajooks - põnev seiklus kogu perele! Tule ja lase oma lastel avastada seiklust ja rõõmu Porila lastejooksul!
Pajusi Mudajooks. Seikluslik Laste Jooksuvõistlus


Event date: 13.07.2024
Time 11:

Pajusi Mud Run is an adventurous day that offers excitement for the whole family. Even kids can enjoy the excitement and adventure while creating priceless memories.

Come and participate, and discover a day full of fun and joy with other adventurers!


Registration fee for kids and youth (born in 2014 or earlier) starting from 1.03.2024 is €5.

From 01.06.2024 to 07.07.2024, registration fee is €10.

Pre-registration until 07.07.2024 at 23:59.

On-site ticket price is €15.

Pajusi Mud Run 2024 - Porila Kids' Run - Adventure for all children
Pajusi Mudajooks - mitmekülgne päev kogu perele! Las lapsed tunnevad end tõeliste seiklejatena Porila lastejooksul!
  • The lengths of Porila runs are 600m (born in 2015 or earlier) and 3 km for youth (born between 2011-2014).

  • Boys and girls from each age group participate in the same race and scoring.

  • The number of spots for kids is strictly limited! In 2024, we are accepting 350 kids.


  • Boys and girls born in 2019 or earlier – 600 m

  • Boys and girls born in 2017-2018 – 600 m

  • Boys and girls born in 2015-2016 – 600 m

  • Boys and girls born in 2011-2014 – 3 km

    Kids’ runs start at 11:00.
    The youngest age group starts first.

Pajusi Mudajooks - põnev seiklus kogu perele!
Kas su lapsed armastavad seiklusi? Too nad Pajusi Mudajooksule ja las nad naudivad lõbusust ja adrenaliini laste seiklusradal!

The starting points are located at Pajusi Village Hall.

Every child who finishes the race receives a medal and souvenirs from sponsors.

NB! As the name of the event suggests, the course is muddy. We recommend dressing children in older clothes and shoes.

Pajusi Mudajooks - põnev seiklus looduses!

E-mail: info@mudajooks.ee
Telefon/Phone: +372 5561 2255

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